Waikoura Springs

Freshwater Crayfish 

and Poultry Farm



Two rooms listed on AirBnB.  Or being paid to upgrade our people skills - and occasionally have a long cup of tea with a Noam Chomsky.

Please refer to AirBnB and the link for our guest feedback on us, and evidence of our bookings in low season.

Our feedback: in short, is this: We have a recurring theme of enjoying a point-of-difference experience.   Staying on a crayfish farm … mountain views, animals.  The experience ... “is cool!” 

This market feedback is worth a raindance!  

We are accepting future bookings irregardless of our proposed sale. These can be cancelled, and AirBnB closed down, at the buyer’s request.

Farm Stay accommodation development has the potential to expand in the “just-what-the-doctor-ordered” location.   


Onsite parking is developed and landscaped, and toilets facilites were built to accommodate tourist potential.  

Farm tours brochures are with the Kaikoura ISite and accommodation providers throughout Kaikoura.

Our tour price is $20 per person with a minimum of two. We have been offering group discounts at $15 per person.

We have been offering 45 minutes tours that commence on the hour.

We have a farm tour visitor centre. We have made it attractive, informative, and it is an outlet to sell art/trinkets.   It has the potential to double in size, into the adjacent garage bay.

We have been offering farm tours, for five years. This involves, primarily, koura farming, to share my overwhelming passion.

However tourism growth has changed the market … Suddenly our property maintenance officers who eat our grass and duck weed, our tame pigs and goats, and our hens, quail, and ducks - plus our invading-but-protected native ducks: teals and shovelers ... are admired by families with children … those wanting to do affordable things … with special needs … Chinese visitors who take many photos of what I might think is ordinary, but what to them, is extraordinary … school groups of all ages … tertiary education groups … outings for seniors . 

Presumably we are picking up some business after the closure of the The Farm Park in Kaikoura, in 2017.

We are an alternate venue when our town’s main tour activity, Whale Watching, is cancelled, due to weather.


There is a common theme of the above diverse group: They are seeking infotainment - and of a sustainable, non-polluting activity.  There is also a second theme. It is personal curiosity.   Perhaps it cold be best expressed by a comment from an asian AirBnB guest on walking into our lounge, and saying:  "this room is full of stories."   

It is meeting the operator and having empathy for our perseverance, innovation and our hand-crafted  appeal.   I have attempted to capture this from the gate inwards, with rustic  features such as a plywood aquarium and a wood-art balustrade.  

I think developing the visitor centre into a private fresh water aquarium - including all the species in the creek - would make sense.  DOC have listed our farm display.  Here is a case of government departments supporting private enterprise  

Hence developing the activity of observing tame eels also makes sense.  

The carpark has been used for rental of self-contained camper vans with www.parkable.co.nz. And for free but with an obligation to buy residents products, or farm tours.  


We now live with a clean, and a faster flowing stream.  And massive tourist numbers.   These are two new criteria.  Together, in our location, they present some blow-your-socks-off opportunities.  Perhaps a restaurant providing farmed aquaculture and fresh eggs in the just-what-the-doctor-ordered location!

While others in Kaikoura offer activities and home stays that enjoy the mountain panorama, our business has some competitive advantage with our point of difference activities.  It could be assumed that we will retain market share.

Tourists in our country are commenting on their experiences online. They are like our increasingly green governments.  They are judging what it is that we do.  Therefore we will see some changes. For all of that, and including if water is charged for, I believe that Waikoura Springs will remain in good shape. We use minimal resources and have a low impact of the environment.

It is not commonly understood that ponds, like trees, undergo photosynthesis and are therefore carbon neutral.   Ponds also, naturally acquire denitrifying bacteria. Therefore, a pond discharging water into the creek with a lesser trace of ammonia than is in the creek, comes from a depolluting industry.

This is science, not opinion; and it is support - if not blessings - for future opportunities.