Waikoura Springs

Freshwater Crayfish 

and Poultry Farm


Tourism is a growth industry and with a projected  future increases of tourist numbers from all our visiting nations.  


AirBnB was full in high season.  The first year's income was $35,000.  73% of occupants gave a 5 star rating.   Our appeals are convenience, only a few minutes drive from the CBD, stunning mountain views; and a common theme (paraphrased from reviews online) of our point of difference activity of crayfish ponds with ducks, hens, quail, and with tame pigs and goats.


Onsite parking developed, landscaped.  Toilets.

Onsite parking has been used by a freedom camper group, conditional of taking a farm tour. 

Farm tours brochures are with

 - Kaikoura ISite

- accommodation providers throughout Kaikoura.

Our tour price is $20 per person with a minimum of two.  

We have been offering 45 minutes tours that commence on the hour.

We have a farm tour visitor centre. We have made it attractive, informative, and it is an outlet to sell art/trinkets.   It has the potential to expand and  become a freshwater aquarium.

We have been offering farm tours, for five years.  We have seen changes with the increase in tourism.  It is that what is ordinary to a New Zealander, can be extraordinary to overseas visitors living in city apartments.  Our  ducks which we keep to eat our floating weeds.  Our tame pigs and goats that keep our grass tidy.  Our hens and quail.  Plus our invading-but-protected native ducks: teals and shovelers ... are admired by families with children … those wanting to do affordable things … with special needs … Chinese photographing the extraordinary ... crayfish, ducks and ... hence it makes sense to develop viewing of tame eels in the creek.

We are an alternate venue when our town’s main tour activity, Whale Watching, is cancelled by weather ... opportunities with location


There is a common theme of the above diverse group: They are seeking infotainment - and sustainable, non-polluting activities.   

There is a second theme.  They seem to come from busy lives and have a personal curiosity of our "different lives".   Perhaps it could be best expressed by a comment from an asian AirBnB guest on walking into our lounge, and saying:  "this room is full of stories."   

They enjoy meeting the operator and having empathy for our perseverance, innovation and our hand-crafted  appeal.   I have attempted to capture this from the gate inwards, with rustic  features such as a plywood aquarium and a wood-art balustrade.  


We now live with a clean streams - and massive tourist numbers.   These are new criteria ... new opportunities.

Water features, point of difference attraction and fresh, desirable, high value seafood close to town.  

If competitors started up they would have to learn by their mistakes, and not have either our location or our consents for surface water.

Tourists in our country are commenting on their experiences online.   They are giving our business goodwill.

It is not commonly understood that ponds, like trees, undergo photosynthesis and are therefore carbon neutral.   Ponds naturally acquire denitrifying bacteria. Therefore, a pond discharging water into the creek, discharges a lesser trace of ammonia than is in the creek.  We are a de-polluting industry.  We are an activity ahead of its time.

Reference.   NZ Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment website ... Key-Tourism-Statistics PDF