Waikoura Springs

Freshwater Crayfish 

and Poultry Farm


We are downsizing form our rural activities to a 12m liveaboard yacht.  We will be passing on all intellectual property (we both have teaching diplomas) and fixed assets.  Our departure date can be flexible to accommodate a thorough handover to new owners. 

PRESENT PLANT  (notes on plant is incomplete)

HSE, MPI Fish farm Biosecurity Management plan and MPI Poultry Risk Management plan

20 foot container for vermin proof storage of feed and farm storage

 Three by 1,000 sq m ponds constructed to a modern industry standard. 

 Power, ( operates on timer)  water and paddlewheel supply.  

Four ponds of approx 50 sq m. These are well secured holding ponds for broodstock. 

Power, (operates on timer), water and air supply. 

Power supply to three ponds with paddlewheels, and four smaller ponds

One pond of 200 sq m. Power, water and air supply.  This is a catchment of seeping springs. It is used as a holding pond for market size stock. It could also, alternatively, be developed and used as our consented storage pond for our original flow-through plan, creating an idyllic view, and could be used to attract tame eels for tourist viewing. 

Predator control.   Full bird netting/eel fencing on large and small ponds.  Spare netting

Four tanks of six meter diameter ( with predator covers) Air lift, ground water and pond water supply. Electric supply to each pond.

Four tanks of one sq m (with covers) for purging and quarantine/biosecurity contingencies

Four operable paddlewheels 1 hp

Petrol portable 20 hp Honda trash pump

Three stage centrifugal deep water pump 16 amp

Five Davey 1/l/p/s centrifugal pumps 5 amp

Three Davey High volume/low pressure pumps 5 amp

Hatchery.  Home built. Comprehensive insulation.   Epoxy paint.  Two separate system.  Total farmed water operational space to accommodate koura is 3.2 cu m

Total capacity of holding is 140 prawn crates, which is realistically 280 berried koura.  Two years operating experience.  Present stock 

As an insulated room, that is dark, humid, and efficient to heat, it is ideal for culturing mealworms at a higher optimum temperature.   Mealworm present stock is 2,500 beetles.  Racks and trays to accommodate expansion to 40,000 beetles. Location in hatchery for mealworm expansion, without compromising hatchery operation, is an estimate 200,000 beetles

 It is also warm overnight/storm shelter for juvenile poultry/animals

Grading area, (2), both fixed and portable

Approx 500 koura habitats.  Spares: both weights and floats, for an additional 200 habitats approx.

Prawn crates 30 of high quality. 30 of moderate quality.

Venturis (6)

Sufficient Layflat hose and alkathene pipe and fittings, for unforeseen contingencies. 

Small quantities of Dunnage, cement, fencing wire, nuts and bolts etc for rural emergencies 

Alloy Ladders: 2 x 2.4m, 1 x 1.5m

Four kinds of traps. Opera house (approx 30) , fyke (2), pyramid (20) and suitcase.

Water heat pump worth $7,500.  Stored with intentions to heat nursery water.

Aerator (air stone)300mm diam. Box of aquarium spare parts.

Microchip scanner ( for koura broodstock)

Portable chillers (1) Gas/230v ac/12v dc 120w chiller 48 litre capacity.  (2) 12/24v dc 33w 42 litre

Workshop area in garage.  Bench, shelves, vice.   Storage area in woolshed with adjacent concreted path as a hot work area 

Wood shed. Two bays. Total 13 cu m.  Kindling box 0.7 cu m

Camping toilet with 12 litre holding tank

Emergency potable water 200 liters.

Garden equipment. 4 wheelbarrow,s 2 rakes, shover, space, crow bars.


Garden hose 15 mm approx 40m length. Can be supplied with town or farm water.

Waratah/star picker thumper

Five garden beds, raised 400mm. Each 4 sq m.  Area between each 2m and adjacent fences 1 m; allowing room for expansion orchard etc.  Irrigation line supplied.  Location is a river terrace, which is a soothing place to be.

Four raised garden beds (around Versatile) of 2 sq m

Egg packing room compliant with MPI with adequate lighting, washing utensils, egg crates, trays, boxes. Wood shavings 2 cu m.  

Accommodation ... Three single beds, two making a King Double. Two complete linen sets.  Bedside coffee, condiment tray and chattels.

Whiteware: will require a verbal conversation on fridge, washing machine, oven.  Gas hob stove top in situ

Pergola.  Outdoor table top ie macrocarpa slab 2.4m by 0.8m, on gabions, with two jarrah bench seats, each 1.8m length

Books… I have always been a big reader, and will be handing over bookshelves of relevant readable books, starting from Science at a junior level. 

Important books are: The Yabby Farmer by John Mosig, The Australian Fish Farmer by Mosig/Fallu, Pond Aquaculture Water Quality Management  by Claude Boyd, Improved Performance of marron ... Project 2000/215 Lawrence, Aquaculture of Grey Mullet by Oren.  Fisheries Regulations by NZ Govt. Managing Biosecurity and Biosecurity Handbook by MPI ie NZ Govt.