Waikoura Springs

Freshwater Crayfish 

and Poultry Farm


PRESENT PLANT  (notes on plant is incomplete)

1/. Three by 1,000 sq m ponds constructed to a modern industry standard. These are mach 2 “point one warm water ponds” being 0.1 ha surface area and because they are effectively dish shaped, the pond water naturally warms in the summer growth season. Power and paddlewheel supply.

2/. Four ponds of approx 25 – 35 sq m. These are our secure holding ponds for broodstock. They have temperature control contingencies, for hot days. They have plumbing linking each pond, so that cooler well water can be pumped through these ponds. Each also has an air lift supply line.

3/. One pond of 200 sq m. This is a seeping spring catchment. It is used as a holding pond for market size stock. It could also, alternatively, be developed and used as our consented storage pond for our original flow-through plan, creating an idyllic view, and could be used to lure tame eels for tourist viewing. Air lift pump supply.

Predator control.  The need for this is debated among growers. The merits are in two camps and are probably based not on the need but on avoidance behaviour to the thought of the construction and maintenance. However we have it. Full bird and also eel fencing where that is approapriate. A harvest without predation controls will be minus what predators have taken. Koura are a keystone species. That means that they play more than their part in an ecosystem, by eating everything small than them, and everthing bigger than them will eat koura. Its like letting your ex still have access to your bank account.

4/. Four tanks of six meter diameter ( with predator covers) Air lift, ground water and pond water supply. Electric supply to each pond.

5/. Four tanks of one sq m (with covers) for purging and quarantine/biosecurity contingencies

6/. Four operable paddlewheels 1 hp

7/. Petrol portable 20 hp Honda trash pump

8/. Three stage centrifugal deep water pump 16 amp

9/. Five Davey 1/l/p/s centrifugal pumps 5 amp

10/ Three Davey High volume/low pressure pumps 5 amp

11/. Hatchery.  

Home built. Comprehensive insulation.   Epoxy paint.  Two separate systems.   Total capacity of holding approx 600 berried koura.  Two years operating experience.

As an insulated room, it has other potential uses. It is suitable for culturing mealworm at a higher optimum temperature.

12/. Present stock approx 1,000 koura which are regarded as broodstock

13/. Grading area, two, both fixed and portable

14/. Approx 500 koura habitats.  Spares: both weights and floats, for an additional 200 habitats approx.

14/. Sufficient Layflat and alkathene pipe and fittings for unforeseen contingencies.  Four spare venturis.

15/.  Four kinds of traps. Opera house, fyke, pyramid and suitcase.

16/. Water heat pump worth $7,500.  This was bought second hand and stored with further intentions to heat water.

17. Books… I have always been a big reader, and will be handing over bookshelves of relevant readable books, starting from Science at a junior level. And all my emails.