Waikoura Springs

Freshwater Crayfish 

and Poultry Farm


Getting a reliable supply of commercial numbers of crayfish babies through a hatchery and then also through a nursery pond, has held back our fledging industry.

We made significant progress in October 2018. We become the second producing hatchery in the country, by putting 15,000 juveniles out into the nursery pond. These will be harvested in 2020.

Why has it taken us 16 years to do this?  Perhaps I could answer this by saying that we have had to put ourselves through an apprenticeship of a new industry.  We will be handing over those lessons - exclusively - to the buyer.

 I cannot see other farms starting up without this technical knowledge, ie both theorectical and practical. 

Rule one of marketing says to not promote what you do not have to sell.  Hence we have not advertised.  However without advertising, we could have sold what we had for sale - many times over.