Waikoura Springs

Freshwater Crayfish 

and Poultry Farm


Markets follow product in reliable numbers.  We now have those numbers (15,000 juvenile koura) in our grow out ponds, which will be harvestable in 2020. 

From then, anticipate income from harvests in grow out ponds.

Why this delay since we have been here 16 years?

Although its a good question, we must remember that it only took Fonterra 150 years to evolve. Our answer is finding our way to farm a new activity in flowing, then all over again, in static water.  Creating a hatchery that works       ( number two in NZ) and (this is important) operating a hatchery  in conjunction with a start-up nursery ponds.  Plus the f..... earthquake!  We - through reading fish farming books, whose authors introduce themselves as having killed lots of fish in many different ways - have finally nailed it.   Our intellectual property goes with the sale.

Until the hatchery/nursery combo was producing, we have supplied smaller numbers of koura to restaurants in Kaikoura, Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington. 

We have sold koura at value added prices to farm tours, airbnb guests and at the Kaikoura Farmers Market.

One Kaikoura restaurant would like to put our koura on the menu but await for us to hold 50 kilos of market sized stock available in our ponds.  Watch this space!

We have had enquiries for koura to 
- export to Asia
- two wholesalers, targeting both restaurants and asian communities 
- other emerging koura farmers seeking seedstock.  
Mary worked at developing a koura pate'. This was a value added product where one koura were now selling for $200/kg.  (An outlet for our koura that do not meet market presentation). Pate' has a three day shelf life. But it could be made for restaurant order or market days.

One koura grower has arranged a once a year co-operative export of koura to Hong Kong for the Chinese New Year.