Waikoura Springs

Freshwater Crayfish 

and Poultry Farm


Kaikoura District Council staff undertook an assessment of our buildings after the Kaikoura 7.8 earthquake, and deemed that no further assessment was required.

Our insurance claim was for contents loss, two broken windows, two broken floor tiles, ten skirting tiles, and $19 for disposal of rubbish.

 The location is a drained swamp.   It is sedimentary soil.  It is  suitable for fish farming, but not for resisting a major earthquake.

However our buildings are on an isolated shingle fan, caused by historical flooding of the Kohwai River, a major catchment of the near mountains.   (FYI this was in pre-stopbank times.)  Hence our buildings, (plus one neighbours) survived the earthquake  intact.  Other homeowners in the street were less fortunate, and lost their dwellings.

The earthquake lifted the land two metres.  This improved the flow rate in Lyell Creek. Thereby it has a better effect of managing water pollution by the dilution method, such as chimney smoke being more readily dispersed on a windy day.

Tsunami risk ... the depth of the sea near the coast,  northward of Kaikoura is shallow, ie our location.   My school physics book states that shallow water reduces the height and speed of waves.  There is no history of tsunamis in our location.

Since the earthquake, Kaikoura has changed.  It has seemingly advanced 20 years.  The old small town pecking order has been displaced by a subtle inundation of new residents servicing infrastructure repairs and tourism growth.  

On a personal level, we lost our wedding gifts of wine glasses etc.  We conceded it as only stuff,  and that thinking like that, is a step towards downsizing to live on a yacht.  

We also lost koura broodstock.  Some sloshed out of tanks and were taken by chickens.  But we have rebuilt the broodstock required by stopping koura sales.   We had to do this as a koura's output of babies is such that we need 20 kg - or a lot of broodstock, to get the numbers.  It is only now, when I am retiring broodstock, that I have some selling to farm visitors/gate sales at $100/kg.

Reference: O Level Physics by A.F. Abbott