Waikoura Springs

Freshwater Crayfish 

and Poultry Farm


Contact: Vince Scully and Mary Shanahan

Phone: +64 3 319 5953 or 021 375 268 (Vince) or 021 776 110 (Mary)

Address: 90 Mill Road, Kaikoura 7300

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]


   OFFERS  over $600,000 ,

Deposit and  




Seller offering 


handover  on 

farming koura

Ph. 03 319 5953



90 Mill Road Kaikoura 7300


Waikoura Springs Limited.

90 Mill Road, Kaikoura, 1.385 ha. Deposited plan 11440

Identifier: MB6B/440., Land registration district, Marlborough

Air BnB Accomodation. One room plus an additional large upstairs area which could be developed for a further two rooms. Starting a listing with Air BnB for a campsite in one of our paddocks this summer.

Booked earnings from 18th September 2018 to same date 2019  $34,000.

Fish license (renewal 2033) to sell koura (ie  fresh water crayfish), grey mullet, watercress and whitebait. 

Currently one local buyer takes all our koura over 50 grams. Next year's harvest assuming 10% mortality should provide 13,500 50gm koura. At $90/kilo an income of $60,750.

Consents  to take and discharge water and build weirs in the creek to divert water (renewal  2037).  FYI No further allocations of creek water are permitted.  We got in before the rush. 

Consent for 300 laying hens.

This has been a capital intensive business to develop.  If the buyer takes over the business, they will be entitled to tax credits.  

QV  $470,000.

Fixed Assets $232,000

Stock value $58,500 koura and $750  poultry.

Four buildings on the property

1/. Cottage with one bedroom, toilet, shower over bath, log burner, kitchen.

2/. Large two story building 108 sq m with potential to develop to the main dwelling.  Office/bedroom, huge workshop, large upstairs studio, shower/toilet, single garage, farm display, hatchery.

3/. Garden shed 9 sq m

4/. Historical woolshed 40 sq m (matai floorboards ... odour of lanolin ...  makings for a conversion to ...!)

Property is 2 km from CBD,  has all day sun, unrestricted mountain views - and water!

Large visitor car park. Established easy care, native plantings; raised gardens beds, grapes, wild boysenberry, elderberry, and bay leaves.  And - thanks to living near a honey factory - well pollinated fruit trees (plum, peaches). 

Kaikoura, in the immediate lee of significant mountain ranges ( that offer skiing, mountaineering and good hunting),  has relatively warm, dry weather, and generally light airs.  Fishing and mammal watching are exceptional and surf breaks have a reputation. 

All this in a town without a traffic light!  But with enough visitors to support 35 places to buy a hot meal. 


Kaikoura, due to its comparative isolation, growth in tourism, earthquake repairs of infrastructure and housing, does offer a range of day jobs.

Experience of seller and reason to sell.  My name is Vince Scully.  I have a ship captain's licence.   I wrote the book Poles Apart with Northanger; my story on two polar sailing voyages.  My wife, Mary Shanahan, wants to live aboard a yacht with me.   I am a lucky man, but I have to let go of the farm.  It has been a happy stage of life, but we are moving to something else that we want to do.  I will recall working around the ponds as therapeutic.

My relevant farming experience is of both kinds of fresh water aquaculture: static and flow through.  We have grown koura, watercress and trialled mullet and whitebait.  We have visited fresh water fish farms with koura, carp, whitebait, mullet, marron (crayfish), and salmon.   We have accommodated tertiary aquaculture students for work experience, and hence have updates with both academia and other forms of fish farming.

On a recent farm tour, one of our visitors, with a masters in zoology,  complimented me on my skills that I had learnt, for someone who did not have a science background.  I have learnt farming crayfish because I wanted to.   By reading, asking ... writing notes.   Perhaps rather than needing a degree to do this, you do need to be able to take a breath and diagnose why ... a pump may not work ...  it may be sucking air.  And so forth.   I will be passing to the new buyer, all that we have learnt.

If someone is wishing to further the aquaculture venture and interested in buying and develop the neighbouring block into ponds, I can offer consultancy.