Waikoura Springs

Freshwater Crayfish 

and Poultry Farm


Contact: Vince Scully and Mary Shanahan

Phone: +64 3 319 5953 or 021 375 268 (Vince) or 021 776 110 (Mary)

Address: 90 Mill Road, Kaikoura 7300

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]



31st March

Ph. 021 776 110



90 Mill Road Kaikoura 7300

1.3850 hectares. Lot 2. Deposited plan 11440.

Identifier: MB6B/440, Land Registration District, Marlborough

Income streams: koura (fresh water crayfish), Air BnB (2 rooms), farm tours, poultry. Each is a point-of-difference activity with potential to expand, in a growing market.

Fish license number FW166 with MPI, to farm koura, whitebait, grey mullet and watercress.

Resource consents with Canterbury Regional Council, or ECan, take and discharge both ground and surface water from ponds, and to build weirs in Lyell Creek to divert water. CRC012611.2 CRC012735.2 CRC012610.2

Bridge construction Code of Compliance Certificate 101084/1

Resource consent with Kaikoura District Council to farm 300 hens


Resource consent with ECan for septic tank CRC 083295

Buildings on property:

Versatile garage and attached room 72 sq m built 2003 and converted into a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom home with log burner and combined kitchen, living, dining room...Code of Compliance Certificates 101603/1.

Secondary two story building 12 x 9m built 2009 with additional 131 sq m living space...Code of Compliance 102537.  Contains a second bedroom, shower/toilet room, large office, storage and workshop areas, farm display and a single garage.

Garden shed built 2015; 9 sq m 

Woolshed estimate built 1960.  (Matai floorboards and the odour of lanoline; a rural artefact!)

We, a married couple, Vince Scully and my wife, Mary Shanahan, have decided to sell, and live aboard a steel cruising yacht. We have skills and experience for this.  Our “brave” decision to let go of 15 years of aquaculture knowledge – and in an idyllic location, was made after finding the right yacht for us: an Adams 40.

We are effectively downsizing to a few of our favourite things. We are leaving behind all of our plant and chattels that are either fundamental to the operation, prudent for contingencies on rural properties - or are an advisable healthy stock of spares, so as to meet the expectations of our homestays.

I am a master mariner.  I am the author of Poles Apart with Northanger; being on Antarctic and Arctic sailing voyages. Mary has degrees in psychology and education, teaches piano at home, and was an activities coordinator at the Kaikoura Rest Home, where she remains a volunteer.

 Mary’s mum said to her that life with me will not be dull.

It is with mixed emotions that we will  leaving behind the vistas of ducks on the pond and the mountain moods.  However a new journey has begun for us.   And we will be taking with us new skills sets; from farm development and husbandry, engaging with farm tours, homestays and woofers.  We have also been advocates for change of the regard for the common resources of water and air.  We are proud this; and feel that we are handing over a better place.

And indeed it is a new world.  In the era of the global finantial crisis, NZ’s then prime minister, Sir John Key, predicted two bright lights for our future economy: aquaculture and tourism.  Here we have both in a symbiotic relationship.

We call our business Waikoura Springs. It is a registered company. Using the maori words, Wai for fresh water, and koura for crayfish; we have a unique brand name which is exclusively ours.

Our farm sits on multiple tiers of aquifers. We have two sources of ground water.  One well is into the top aquifer, which has an iron oxide reading. The second, has no iron oxide reading, and therefore it could be assumed, is connected to a lower aquifer, which theoretically, is purer, and it is our preferred supply; and which an aquaculture consultant has deemed “perfect” for aquaculture.

We bought this property in 2003 from a deceased estate.  Our intention was to pursue his vision to develop aquaculture; and with an inkling to develop a tourist venture. Who would have predicted then, the tourist industry to be what it is today?

We agreed with the previous owner’s location to build a future home, which we earmarked, with whatever we did.   This site has privacy, is sunny, and has background views of an unrestricted mountain panorama, a middle ground view of our  fishponds, and has a potential of a water feature in the foreground.  This will be a pond which will be extending into Lyell Creek. This is achieved by creating the consented weirs downstream in Lyell Creek.  This will then be a stunning, just-what-the-doctor-ordered outlook.

The venture in 2003, was bare land. We decided then, to focus on developing the farm, and made an interim home out of what Kaikoura District Council deemed as a farm building.  The 72 sq m Versatile garage.  The two of us are still here, content in our small home.  Insulated, timber lined, zincalume ceiling, tiles and fireplace.